Brand New Second Hand Lie

Free thrillers

This isn’t something I do every day, but I’d like to give a special shout out to Pamela Crane and her novel, A Second Hand Lie. You can grab yourself a copy at InstaFreebie which means there’s zero cost to you. Fill your boots.

On Sequels

Howard Jacobson has written a piece on sequels in The Guardian; it’s about TV shows but speaks to novels too. He argues that due to the nature of TV funding, anyone who writes a series never knows whether it will get commissioned for a second season. In the hope it might happen, the scriptwriters tend …

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The Heist Sequel

I’m about to start work on The Heist sequel called The Getaway. Don’t worry. That’s about as much of a spoiler as I’m planning. The second instalment of the Lagotti Family follows the two weeks after the Heist and will have another multi-character storyline. I’m looking forward to returning to some of my favourite fictional …

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A Sense of Proportion

If you spend your time living in a Western bubble, sometimes you need to get some perspective. Why do I mention this? An article in The Guardian (yes, I read that publication a lot) covered the reversal of decision by Cambridge University Press to stop self-censoring its journal articles in China. Long story short: CUP …

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