Midtown deleted scene exclusive

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I can’t pretend that this is a regular occurrence because it is the first time I have ever done anything like this. I am about a quarter of the way through the Midtown Huckster, which is book three in the Alex Cohen series. At one point two days ago, I wrote a murder scene and, once completed, I realized I didn’t like it – mainly because it was too much like another murder scene I’d included in the same book around a week before. So I am not going to be using it. Rather than just deleting it and pretending it never happened, I thought I’d share it with you so you can have a taste of the kind of thing that is happening in the story.

All you need to know is that Alex, Ezra and Massimo have visited a fella’s apartment. If you don’t know who Ezra and Massimo are then you need to read East Side Hustler, which is out on March 21. Just remember, this is raw and straight from the typewriter, so it has not been edited at all. They have just asked Noy Yarden if he has a woman in his bedroom. Anyway, here’s the deleted scene…

“Huh, well what’s a guy to do when a skirt wants to follow him home?”
Massimo’s eyes flitted to Alex, who nodded so briefly that Noy didn’t get a chance to notice. Ezra edged toward Noy, only a few inches but within grabbing distance if matters went in that direction.
“Why not put some clothes on so we can talk to you properly—Abe would like us to reach a business arrangement,” suggested Massimo whose eyes looked beyond Noy’s shoulder and into his bedroom. As Noy turned round, Massimo made as if to join him, but the lad pointed out his dame would be none to pleased to receive a guest when she was still resting beneath the sheets. Massimo nodded in agreement but after Noy had left the group, Massimo walked over and leaned on the bedroom door jamb.
He noticed the fire escape and the open window and saw a sleeping woman wrapped in the sheets on the bed. So far, she’d seen and heard nothing. A rustling sound from behind a wardrobe door indicated Noy was doing what he was told. A minute later, the door closed and Noy stood there in a dark three-piece suit and white shirt. He picked up a hat from the top of the wardrobe, considered it and replaced the headwear to its resting place.
“Why don’t we go somewhere else as this is man’s work and not for women’s ears?”
Noy considered Massimo’s request and shook his head.
“She’s out for the count and there’s no need to go prowling round the streets when my kitchen table will do the job nicely.”
“My boss would prefer not to have anyone else eavesdropping on his discussions.”
“Which one is he?”
“The one with the fedora.”
“I’m good, thanks.”
Alex’s voice from next door wafted into earshot as he called for Noy to join him. Massimo held back and let Noy go first. As he returned to his living room, Ezra stood by him and grabbed the guy by the mouth and throat—one hand to muffle Noy’s screams and the other to squeeze the life from his body.
A twist and a crack and Noy slumped to the ground. Ezra looked to Alex as they heard a muted thud and Massimo popped his head round the door with a plume of pillow feathers in his wake.
“We could have left her alive, Massimo.”
“The girl sealed her fate when she woke up and saw me.”
Ezra shrugged in agreement and Alex nodded. They checked the apartment for any evidence of their visit and left as quietly as they had arrived.