The Bowery Slugger first draft: done

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The headline says it all really. I just thought I’d announce something I’m pleased about: I finished the first draft of the first book in a new series. The book is called The Bowery Slugger and it will form part of the Alex Cohen series.

My current plan – subject to change like all my passing whims – is to release at least 3 books in the Lagotti Family series this year and into 2018. Then publish The Case, potentially as a serialization given its structure. Then second half of 2018 and into 2019, I’ll release the Alex Cohen series.

After that? Well, I’ve got a financial crime series planned. The first of those is The Death and Life of Penny Pitstop (written and going through the editing process) although it will take the second in the series (currently untitled) before it connects up into a normal series of books.