The Heist eBook is available to buy NOW!

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Today is a special day: The Heist is out on Amazon today.

This is my first novel in the crime noir genre and I’m very excited about it. There are a host of different characters to follow on the seedy side of the 1967 Baltimore tracks. As ever with noir, the number of essentially good people can be counted without the use of any hands or fingers. And that’s what I love about them.

Also I should point out the story follows a gang in the run-up to the heist so it’s the journey not the end-point that matters – at least to me.

Based on pre-release feedback, the second in the series, called The Getaway, should be hitting websites before the end of this year. All I’ll confirm is that at least some of the protagonists from The Heist survive long enough to appear in the second book.

Frank has only just left prison and already he’s thinking about stealing money from a bank and heading west. Five men, two women and a bank vault stand between him  and his dream of California living.