A Sense of Proportion

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If you spend your time living in a Western bubble, sometimes you need to get some perspective. Why do I mention this?

An article in The Guardian (yes, I read that publication a lot) covered the reversal of decision by Cambridge University Press to stop self-censoring its journal articles in China. Long story short: CUP removed pieces about topics banned by the Chinese government. Then under pressure from other academic publishers, CUP decided to publish and be damned. And damned it probably will be. I’m no expert in Sino affairs but even a casual observer knows the control the Chinese government has over media.

And, of course, China is unlikely to forget nor is it likely to forgive either. Double whammy.

To answer my opening paragraph question: as I focus my writing energies on completing The Bowery Slugger and begin thinking about The Getaway, all this pales into insignificance in the wake of the sacrifices people make in the name of free speech.

Mic drop.