The Stickup (Prequel Novella)

The Stickup (Prequel Novella)

Need money for the rent? Better stick up a store wearing a bunny rabbit mask, right?

The prequel to the Lagotti Family series, this stand-alone novella follows Frank Lagotti as he tries to get some bread to pay the rent and maybe make some seed capital so he can rob a bank one day.

His pal Louis might be the brains of the outfit but he also has a keen interest in sex and drugs - not a great mix when your future rests on the next robbery and he's the one who has planned everything out to the finest detail. Or not.

Can they pull off the job with their motley gang or will the cops come screeching round the corner and shoot them all to hell?

The Lagotti Family series follows Frank and his girlfriend Mary Lou as they rob a bank, try to escape and live off the proceeds of their crimes - spanning thirty years of American crime family life.

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About the Book

Before Frank Lagotti went around robbing banks, his friend Louis had a plan to hit a grocery store to make them rich beyond belief. This is their story…

Series: The Lagotti Family, Book 0
Genres: Crime, Historical Fiction, Thriller
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Sobriety Press
Publication Year: 2019
eBook Price: Free at Reader's Club
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