Paperback Lagotti Box Set

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And here’s another thing. I am thinking of releasing a physical paperback box set version of The Lagotti Family which would comprise the four paperback books with a slipcase. This is the thing: the cost of the item will need to be at least £70 ($80+) once I include the cost of the books, the slipcase and packaging – and post on top of that.

Would you be interested in purchasing a copy? The reason I ask is that if there is enough demand then I will go ahead and manufacture the slip cases. If not, I’ll let it go as an idea and focus on other things. Do let me know if you are interested. Alternatively, if you’d be interested in a signed paperback copy of one of my books, I would be happy to set that up as an option on the website for maybe £19.99 instead of the standard £14.99 perhaps. Again, do let me know if you might want to get involved…

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