Image of a grave in my head

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Quick update on what I’ve been up to this last week…

I’ve been editing the first story in the Alex Cohen series in preparation to hand it over to my editor, Melanie Underwood. The good news is that I spotted several howlers including duplicate character names aplenty.

As I am getting to the end of this task, my mind has hurtled forwards to the next book in the series and the opening scene. Without wishing to issue spoilers on my own series before I’ve even published a single page, suffice to say, I’ve been pondering how to kick off the novel and I am currently drawn to this: my main character stands in a cemetery and stares at his own grave.

Who knows if it’ll last the course, but it would be a great start to a story, don’t you think? Let me know if you think a gangster tale should begin that way.

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