Dark Remnants for you

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Here is a tense thriller for less than a cup of coffee for an author friend of mine. The book is called Dark Remnants and here are some details…

Kyra knows one thing for certain…

Cops are trouble. Especially handsome detectives with kind voices and beautiful eyes.
So when her conscience just won’t shut the hell up, and convinces her to corner one such cop in a dark parking lot to tell him what she’s learned, she can just feel this won’t be the end of it.
She doesn’t have time to worry about it, though. She has gangsters to piss off, homicidal gangs to infiltrate, and people to search for. Yes, this is Kyra’s life. The endgame is worth it, though. If she lives long enough to attain it.
Join Kyra and Gabe in a pulse-pounding chase through Abstreuse City to find a killer and save a child before it’s too late.
Because everyone loves good cop meets mysterious woman meets serial killer. And darkness lives in us all.

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