Heist less than a buck

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Just a quick note to let you know that The Heist eBook is going to be on sale at Amazon, Jan 19-22 for only 99 cents. If you haven’t tasted the delights of the Lagotti Family then this sure is a cheap way to do it.

Fill your boots!

2 thoughts on “Heist less than a buck”

  1. I’m interested in getting the heist ebook but Amazon prices it 4 dollars (6 something in Canadian dollars) today is Jan. 19.. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if the price changed to 99 cent promo..

    1. Tim

      Thanks for your interest. The 99 cent offer is in the US and UK Amazon sites, not Canada I’m afraid.

      Sorry if that messes things up for you. The offer started at 8am PST, which was about 30 mins ago I think, at the time of this post edit.


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