Happy New Year

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I thought I’d give you a break from this newsletter over the holidays but now we are  deep inside January, I thought I’d start up again.

The first thing I’d like to mention is that The Heist is going to be on sale January 19-22 at only 99 cents, which is cheap, I must admit. And if you have access to Kindle Unlimited then it is free to you every day of the year. Nice.

The second thing is to remind you that Mama’s Gone is on pre-release and will be available on March 18. What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day could there possibly be than to spend the following day reading about heroin deals, prostitution, gaming and mob wars? I don’t know either.

Oh, and by the way, as the year incremented in the usual pattern, I decided to update the covers on The Heist and The Getaway. I am mighty proud of the work. Check it out when you can.


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