The holidays are comin’

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If you live in the US then it won’t be long before you celebrate your freedom from the yoke of British oppression – and happy Thanksgiving to you. While I may be tempted to kick off a major rant about the state of American politics and freedoms, I shall not.

Instead I’m going to tell you about two things that are happening the same week as the British give thanks for having got the American continent out of the empire 🙂

First, there is the launch of book 3 in the Lagotti Family series, Powder which occurs on  November 19 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon, a web site. If you are new to the Lagotti Family, don’t worry. This story takes place a couple of years after the heist and is quite stand-alone.

Second, around the same time, I am going to launch a Readers’ Club which will offer exclusive free-to-download content – original book covers, planning sheets and even entire novels and deleted scenes. To join the club you will need an Invite Code which I’m going to place at the back of my books, including the ones I’ve already published and I’ll push those updates out as soon as I can.

If you have not bought a copy of any of my novels (shurely shum mishtake) then you will be able to make a donation on the site and receive an Invite Code as part of my thanks for the financial contribution.

More news on that when we go live, but as well as finishing Mama’s Gone this week, I have also written a short story which will be exclusively available in the Readers’ Club in March 2019 at the same time as Mama’s launch on Amazon.

You heard it here first…

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