Let me introduce Becky Greene

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Whatever Happened to Ollie Olesworth?
Whatever Happened to Ollie Olesworth?
Due:3 weeks ago

I’ve previously mentioned I have started working with a book cover designer on a new series – and I know I haven’t finished writing Mama’s Gone yet. Now I’d like to tell you. Little bit about the next series, which will start to be released next year.

I’m moving away from America and the past and heading into London and financial crime. We are going to follow Becky Greene as she investigates insider trading, fraud and, of course, murder and mayhem too. The first book cover is lined up and ready to go but I’m not going to reveal it just now.

Rest assured, as soon as the Lagottis are behind me, I’ll be full steam ahead into a different world but with the same sensibility where no-one does the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. My kind of people.


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